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Acidic Concrete & Masonry Cleaner 5L

£8.42 (+VAT)
An effective acidic cleaner of concrete, brick and masonry surfaces. Wear acid resistant gloves, goggles and suitable face and skin protection. Before use, always test an inconspicuous area for suitability

Detak Chewing Gum Remover

£2.91 (+VAT)
Designed to combat problems with sticky gum deposits by breaking down the structure of the chewing gum, allowing it to be removed quickly and easily. Use to remove sticky gum deposits from solvent resistant carpets and fabrics. Ideal for use in schools, nightclubs, bars, leisure centres, cinemas and other public areas.

Greyland Deodoring Fluid 5L

£6.70 (+VAT)
Deodorizing fluid ideal for use in areas such as rubbish bins, waste tips and sewage.

Greyland Graffiti Remover 750ML

£5.49 (+VAT)
Cleans areas of pen and felt tip marks.

Greyland Stainless steel cleaner polish 750ML

£3.83 (+VAT)
low odour non tainting cleaner and polish which leaves a high gloss finish on stainless steel and many bright metals.

Targ Graffiti Remover

£36.97 (+VAT)
A fast-acting, water-rinseable graffiti remover designed to give a wide range of solvency against paints and inks. A light brown, low viscosity liquid, Targ is a solvent-based product with a very low dour. Dissolves all types of graffiti; spray paints, felt tip pen, ball point pen, pencil and crayon. Suitable for use on all solvent resistant surfaces. i.e.. metal, glass, stone, wood, porcelain, brick and ceramic tiles.