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1 Ply White Roll Towel PK 6

£20.18 (+VAT)
White continuous roll towels suitable for use in hygiene conscious environments. Enigma white continuous roll towels are available in 1 ply 150m rolls. These means the only sheet touched is the one that is used, therefore reducing cross contamination.

2 Ply Blue Centre Feed Rolls PK 6

£12.70 (+VAT)
Enigma 2 ply blue centrefeed rolls can be used in washroom, catering, healthcare, education, office environments. Enigma 2 ply blue centrefeed rolls are ideal for both drying hands and soaking up spills. 417 SHEETS 150M X 175MM

2 Ply Blue Embossed CentreFeed Rolls Pk 6

£10.50 (+VAT)
2 ply blue centrefeed rolls from esp are suitable for busy washroom, caterinG and healtcare, education, office, environments. 175mm x 70mm 400 Sheets

2 Ply White CentreFeed Rolls PK 6

£17.89 (+VAT)
2-ply white textured centrefeed rolls from suitable for busy washroom, catering, healthcare, office, education, construction and environments. Sheets 400 100m x 175mm