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‘RHP’ PY Socket Mop

£1.46 (+VAT)
The 'RHP' PY socket mop is suitable with most types of hygiene or wooden handles 185G

1.8m Hose for Numatic Vacuums

£10.95 (+VAT)
1.8m Flexi Hose for use with Numatic Henry hoovers. 32mm diameter black hose

12″ Stiff Bassine Wooden Broom Sweeping Head With Socket

£3.20 (+VAT)
A natural wooden sweeping broom with socket and bassine bristles which are perfect for sweeping hard ground outdoors. The stiff

120 Aluminium Colour Coded Handles

£4.97 (+VAT)
These good quality aluminium handles complete with screw thread fit both mop range and a large selection of brooms. Each handle is supplied with a fitted colour coded grip to help avoid cross contamination.

120cm Wooden Handle

£4.97 (+VAT)
Compatible with RHP & Swift socket mops & BBCS12.20, COCOS12.20 sweeping brushes.

16 ” Black Stripping Pad

£5.42 (+VAT)
Suitable for machine speeds up to 600 rpm

16 ” Blue Stripping Pad

£5.42 (+VAT)
Suitable for machine speeds up to 600 rpm.

16oz PY Kentucky Mop Head

£1.94 (+VAT)
Kentucky mops are great for cleaning large areas and are also available in a wide range of sizes to suit the area to be cleaned. Each mop is individually bagged and has colour coded tags to facilitate colour coding.

Greyland Floor Polish Maintainer 5L

£6.86 (+VAT)
A perfumed neutral product to clean and product emulsion polished floors, including sealed wood and cork.