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‘RHP’ PY Socket Mop

£1.46 (+VAT)
The 'RHP' PY socket mop is suitable with most types of hygiene or wooden handles 185G

120 Aluminium Colour Coded Handles

£4.97 (+VAT)
These good quality aluminium handles complete with screw thread fit both mop range and a large selection of brooms. Each handle is supplied with a fitted colour coded grip to help avoid cross contamination.

16oz PY Kentucky Mop Head

£1.94 (+VAT)
Kentucky mops are great for cleaning large areas and are also available in a wide range of sizes to suit the area to be cleaned. Each mop is individually bagged and has colour coded tags to facilitate colour coding.

Optima Hygiene ‘RHP’ Socket Mop

£2.85 (+VAT)
Optima hygiene RHP socket mops are durable, machine washable and super absorbent. The mops are manufactured using high quality synthetic yarns. Fitted with the 'RHP' colour coded socket which is compatible with most types of hygiene or wooden handles (including Exel). These loop ended mops with stay flat band allow more of the mop to remain in contact with the floor, reduce cleaning times and increase productivity.