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AHS (Alcohol Hand Gel) 300ML

£3.14 (+VAT)
An easy to use quick drying treatment that ensures effective cleaning of hands and skin. Contains effective emollients for kindness to skin. Antiseptic to EN 1040 (2005). Kills bacteria to European Standard. Suitable for use in the food industry, un-perfumed and non-tainting. Suitable for the health care industry to prevent spread of contaminating organisms.

Bio-Dox 30ML Hygienic Hand Soap

£1.81 (+VAT)
A thick, clear, yellow liquid made from high quality surfactants and biocides, Bio-Dox is odorless and taint-free. Particularly suitable for use in establishments where hand hygiene is a priority, e.g. hospitals, care homes, clinics, etc. As a non-tainting and odorless product, Bio-Dox is also ideal for use in food environments.

Buster Extra Engineers Hand Cleaner 5L

£13.11 (+VAT)
An effective beaded hand cleaner with a citrus-oil base for extra strength and mildness. An orange scented hand cleaner, which contains scrubbing agents for added cleaning power, Buster Extra has been manufactured to a carefully controlled non-drip consistency. Suitable to remove oil, grease, grime and many paints.

Greyland Luxury foaming soap 5L

£7.30 (+VAT)
Luxury foaming soap a luxury instant foaming soap only a small amount is required to provide effective skin cleansing no water required to create a lather. highly economical.

Greyland Maximum Eco Hygiene lotion 5L

£7.92 (+VAT)
Neutral pH and odourless, kind on hands, non-tainting odourless and ideal for use in catering environment

Greyland Pink Location Soap 1L

£4.37 (+VAT)
An economical pearlised handsoap suitable for all environments, ideal for use in most bulk fill dispensers.

Greyland Pink Location Soap 5L

£7.52 (+VAT)
An economical pearlised handsoap suitable for all environments, ideal for use in most bulk fill dispensers.


£21.46 (+VAT)
An economy alkaline pressure washer additive, used at 1.35% dilution at the nozzle. Truck Wash 80 boasts controlled foam levels and a degreasing action. Effectively removes traffic film, grease and dirt. Recommended for cleaning vehicles throughout the automotive industry, e.g. cars, vans, lorries, tankers, curtain-sided vehicles and commercial vehicles. The no tainting formula makes it suitable to clean vehicles involved in the transportation of meat and food.